Church Life

Scots' Church Melbourne - JAM@Scots

What is JAM?

JAM (Jesus and Me) is the Youth Ministry of The Scots' Church Melbourne for those in Years 7- 12. It runs Sunday mornings of school terms during the 11am service.

The teaching is done in small groups through illustrated stories, games, and audio-visual projection. All lessons have a mutual theme of dependence on the Gospel.

The Aim

The aim of this ministry is to run as a Church Driven, Parent Driven, and Gospel Driven disciple making Youth Ministry.

  • Church Driven:
    "In God We Trust" is the Motto of The Scots' Church Melbourne. As a church, we trust that the rising teens are important to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and to fulfill the Great Commission our Lord Jesus Christ commanded to his disciples. JAM intends to teach teens to understand how the Gospel informs, to direct every aspects of our spiritual walk with God, and to provide essential knowledge of God for them to understand.
  • Parent Driven:
    JAM intends to run this ministry with parents together. We believe that parents are clearly commanded by Scripture to be the primary influences in the spiritual growth of teens. (Eph. 6:4) Our goal is to assist you to equip your teens in their spiritual growth. Every Sunday, notes will be provided to your teens with guided parental follow-up questions. The idea is to guide you to start a spiritual conversation with your teens afterwards within your own time.
  • Gospel Driven:
    As grownups, we know that we faced many temptations in the world during our teen years. Because teen's years are always unique years in our Christian walk, we experienced, so what we can do now is to preach the Gospel to the rising generation, to help them avoid folly and pursue real life in Christ.

What do we do?

Every lesson we teach employs illustrated stories, games, and audio-visual projection within a small group format to help teens understand and connect with the program. All lessons have a mutual theme of: dependence on the Gospel, the Scripture, Love for God and His Church, Servant-hood, and to reach out to the world from our community. Teens can also become involved with outreach/fellowship activities runs by The Scots' Church Melbourne in the context of promoting relationship building between teens and parents.

How to Join?

Parents, teens, and young adults are all welcome to get involved with JAM. If you are interested in serving and becoming one of the youth leaders or parental volunteers, please contact the church office for more information. If you would like to register your teen(s), please feel free to send them to join us on any Sunday morning.