Webinar - "A Healthy Mind During Crisis"

Webinar - "A Healthy Mind During Crisis"

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Webinar - "A Healthy Mind During Crisis"

Speaker: Dr. Danny Cheah

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us in many ways. At times like this, people have experienced fear and anxiety, along with a sense of being overwhelmed with the negative news and uncertain future ahead. All this, and more, has greatly influenced our mental health in varying degrees.

In this webinar, Dr Danny Cheah helps us to see how the Christian faith views mental health and suffering. We also learn how we can build resilience and self-care, as well as administering wise pastoral care in our ministry life.

This webinar is hosted by Indonesian Christian Church (Scots' Presbyterian Church Indonesian congregation) and is delivered in English. Dr Danny Cheah is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Head of Clinical Services at the Alfred Hospital Child and Youth Mental Health Service. He has delivered talks in churches to help people understand about mental health issues from a Christian perspective, integrating his faith and professional experience to address the stigma in the Christian community.