Conditions of Hire

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1. Hours of use: All prices are a daily rate based on a standard booking period from 9am - 5pm, Monday – Friday.
For bookings after office hours, additional costs are:

  • Security: $65 per hour
  • Building Officer: $44 per hour
  • After 9:00pm $100.00 Surcharge

2. 50% Discount applies to Christian Ministry and Schools*

3. All prices include GST. Prices are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change.

4. Seating will be supplied based on "Number of Guests" indicated. Any additional information/instructions (eg. seating arrangements, use of Kitchen) must be in the "Notes" below or subsequently in writing. This is to avoid the confusion that sometimes arises from verbal instructions.

5. Charitable, benevolent and other organisations approved by The Scots' Church are welcome to use the meeting facilities of the church, provided advance booking is made and the property is used within the guidelines drawn up by the Church for the use of its property.

6. Children must remain under adult supervision at all times, it is the responsibility of the organisation hiring the hall to ensure this happens.

7. Users are asked to respect the fact that the property is a valuable asset and much of it is of historical significance. Costs will be recovered from persons who damage the church property or premises.

8. Personal and corporate property may only be brought on to the churches premises at the risk of the owner and no responsibility will be accepted for injury to persons however caused.

9. It is necessary to ensure that adequate public liability insurance cover is held by organisations which use the property. Applicants must provide a copy of Certificate of Currency with this application with "The Scots' Church Melbourne" noted as an interested party on the Certificate

10. Organisations may not conduct any form of raffle, gambling activity or bingo.

11. There will be no smoking, consumption of alcohol or use drugs of addiction on the premises.

12. The church reserves the right to refuse to accept any application for the use of its premises, to cancel any booking or to deny entry to any person where considered appropriate.

13. Persons using the church property are asked to keep stairways and doorways clear at all times, and, in the case of an emergency to follow the instructions of an authorised church officer.

14. Publicity that may be considered to associate the Church with any function is to be authorised prior to being circulated. All publicity should refer to 156 Collins Street venues as "The Assembly Hall Building".

* Booking fee only and conditions apply