Upcoming Services Details

Upcoming Services Details


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Weekly Services Information

for the week of 9th May - 16th May 2021

It is now no longer a requirement to pre-register to attend our services. However, it is mandatory to sign in electronically through the Service Victoria App to attend both the 11am and 5pm services. Please have your mobile ready prior to arriving for a smoother experience.

Scots' Church acknowledge that not all attendants are able to scan a QR code with their phone. If you need assistance in signing in, please come at the front desk before the service on Sunday, and let us know your details.

Sunday 16th May 2021

11 AM Traditional and 5 PM Contemporary Services

Traditional Service Sermon Archive
Contemporary Service Sermon Archive

Both  services for 16th May will be led by Rev. Phil Campbell. The sermon is titled "Shining Like Stars". For this week, Rev. Phil's sermon readings will be based off of Philippians 2:12-30. Service will be delivered live in the Church and Robert White Hall respectively for the evening service, as well as through the Facebook page. The sermon will then be available afterwards through a recorded audio by Monday.

10 AM St. Stephen's Flemington Service

St. Stephen's Flemington Sermon Archive

10 AM St. Stephen's Flemington Service for 16th May will be led by Rev. Andrew Wong This week, the readings will be from Titus 1:10-16 in the Bible. The topic is titled "Sound in the Faith". Service will be delivered live in the Church and a video recording will be available by Monday.

Scots' Church Upcoming Services for 9th May will be delivered live and then recorded. Audio recordings will go live on the website by Monday Afternoon on the Sermon Archive page. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our Sunday, 9 May Services:

For all other Sermons, we invite you to visit our Sermons archive here.