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Phil Court Av SmallPhilip Court

The Presbytery of Melbourne West has appointed Philip as Interim Moderator of the Scots’ Church Pastoral Charge during the vacancy arising from Rev Douglas Robertson’s departure.  Philip previously worked in the dual roles of Missioner of the Presbyterian & Scots’ Church Joint Mission and minister of St Stephen’s Flemington congregation.  Prior to that, he worked for WorkSafe Victoria.  He retired from pastoral ministry in 2018 and is now a member of St Andrew’s Williamstown congregation.

Reading histories, reading Patrick O’Brian novels, nature walks and Aussie Rules football.
Dislikes: Being late, excessive waffle and enduring Collingwood Football Club defeats.


Andrew Wong Av SmallAndrew Wong

Andrew was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but moved to Melbourne when he was 5. He has a burden to preach the gospel to all nations. He is committed to the preaching of God’s word and loves seeing how God transforms lives. He is currently fulfilling the two roles as the Missioner of the Presbyterian and Scot's joint mission and the Minister to the St Stephens Flemington congregation. 

Andrew is married to Garam and they have a son named Ezra.

Church, ministry, family, travelling and eating! 
Dislikes: Hot weather.



Douglas Lawrence

Douglas' ministry is through music. As has been said by various writers "music expresses the inexpressible" so Douglas plays the organs, conducts the choir week by week, organizes special music at Easter and Christmas and organizes the September International Organ Series.

 Where to start? At the church one of my great pleasures is to show the organ to children who often come into the church with their parents or in school groups- and cooking! 
Dislikes: Carpet in Churches.



Sen Sendjaya

Sen planted the Indonesian-language congregation of Scots' Church in April 2005, and pastors the church until present time on a voluntary basis. His day job is Associate Professor in Leadership at Monash University. His passion in leadership is expressed through preaching, teaching, training, and writing at popular and academic level. Sen is an Indonesian-born Chinese Melbournian married to a beautiful academic Dr Lyfie Sugianto and blessed with two children.

Likes: Mostly anything preceded by letter C (coffee, chilli, cab sauv, cinema, calvinism)
Dislikes: My old self, and bad coffee



Christian Tirtha

Christian grew up in Bandung, Indonesia but has spent most of his adult life as a Melburnian. He has been part of the Indonesian Christian Church since 2010, working part-time as their youth pastor. He loves to see how the Gospel transforms individual, corporate life of the church and its surrounding community. He is married to Milka and is blessed with a son and a daughter. Christian is the minister for the Indonesian congregation at Scots' Church.

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, drama and movies 
Dislikes: Long rides with nothing to read or listen



Wendy Gregory

Receptionist/Administration/Church Secretary

Wendy Joined Scots’ Church in August 2013 after working for 15 years in Publishing and Education sales. She enjoys the variety that working in a Church offers along with the interesting people that she meets on a daily basis. She has three adult children plus the added bonus of three adult stepsons’ and their families.

Likes: Her children and family, singing in a Choir (Maroondah Singers), and gardening.
Dislikes: People who do not obey the rules of life – whether it be on the road or just plain manners.




Sebert Ruddock is the Administrator at Scots’ Church.

An accountant by profession, Sebert migrated to Australia from , South Africa, in 1981. Since that time he has worked in a number of fields, including the transport and logistics industry. He was Executive Director of Administration and Finance for the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, a position he held for ten years prior to retiring in February 2014.  He brings with him a wealth of experience both in the commercial world and in the church setting. Sebert is married to Sofie; they have five children and eight grandchildren.

Likes: Family, Working as a volunteer guide at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, Being a Director of Christian radio station 89.9 Light FM.
Dislikes: The commercial nature of Christmas.



Rick Holt

Rick has served as our building officer since 2010, he cheerfully and willingly  serves all those around him.  He enjoys working with people and especially with the staff at Scots’ Church.  Rick says, “working with the Church is like working with family”.  He is married to Denise, they have five grandchildren.


Likes: People, fishing, Hawthorn Football Club and his dog “Snoop”
Dislikes: Summer, crowds



Jonathan North

Jonathan has been worked with the administration team since January 2011, before joining Scots he worked for twenty five years in mission work both here in Australia and abroad.  Jonathan enjoys being able to contribute to both the admin team and ministry team through his work.  He is married to Suzanne and has three children.

 Family, people, travel, experiencing different cultures, cashews
Dislikes: shopping, waiting, especially waiting at shops



Ken Bowden

Ken has served the Church faithfully since 1984, and is currently serving the role of Welcome Desk Attender.  He enjoys meeting interesting people as he fulfills day to day practical tasks in the Church.  After an engagement of 15 years, Ken Married Eileen, they have been married for 30 years.

 Meeting interesting people, Movies and Carlton Football Club
Dislikes: Crowds, Hot Weather